Why Does My Mattress Make Noise [Ultimate Guide + Easy Solution in 2021]

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Do you awaken up with a disturbing feeling, and pretty irritated at your mattress noise? What do you consider this issue? Yes! your thought is right. This is an unexpected noise of your mattress. This article will be great for you if you are confused about why does my mattress make noise.

Are you disappointed at night when your mattress makes noise? All of us know that any disgusting noise from your mattress is mostly created for its inner issues. Is the spring of your mattress in good condition?

No worry! We presented in this article a very easy way to figure out why does my mattress make noise.

After a busy day, at night only we get time for ourselves on the bed. While you are in bed, you don’t want your bed to make any disgusting noise, do you? We will go through all potential problems as well as a solution thoroughly.

At first, we will figure out why my mattress makes noise, why there are irritating squeaky sounds on your bed then we will disclose an interesting solution. Let’s get your happiness again!

Why Does My Mattress Make Noise:

Before reading the steps, it may be helpful to know the various elements of the bed that may be causing the mattress to noise.

There could be a variety of reasons behind creating noise, for example, older metal frame, old box spring, and foundation, inner tissues of the mattress, to looser screws, or it could even be the simple reason of having to replace your mattress as it’s getting too old.

Generally, a traditional mattress can lose its initial bounce over time, and as it starts to decay, it can result in making noise.

Bed Frame:

Secondly, we would like to inform you about the bed frame. Actually, the bed frame is one of the most significant factors regarding irritating noise. The old bed frame is the main culprit in this case.

Bolts and nuts of your bed frame sometimes get loosen over time which results in annoying noise. If you don’t tighten those nuts and bolts, the frame makes disturbing noises by the fictions of metals.

Contrariwise, in case you use a wood bed frame, there is a risk of being affected by the weather.

Remember that the temperature enlarges wooden pieces a little bit which leads to bothersome noise. Generally, the wooden slats which used in the bed frame remain independent from the frame therefore they might rub against the frame. Thus they create such disturbing noise.

Note: Replace your bed frame as soon as it becomes worn out.

Box Spring, Foundation, or slats creak:

why does my mattress make noise

You believe it or not your box spring could be the root of the noise. Disturbing noise from box springs is a common fact, actually, they are mostly liable for those noises, we are grateful to metal springs and wooden manufacture.

There are two reasons behind the phenomenon here. As soon as your box spring becomes old, springs might rub against the bed frame, and that’s when metal makes its irritating noise.

Surface metal structures are also liable for this problem. In some cases, woods rub against the bed frame. Actually, box springs elements are combined through industrial staples.

While serving for a long time those connections wear out. joint connections are the greatest factor in this respect.

Nowadays foundations are generally formed using wooden slats. As you are sleeping constantly so those slats and clamps become loosens, as a result, unexpected sounds created.

If those structures got loosen; the mattress becomes uneven, and thus, it creates squeaky noises. There are many causes slats get weak then creak but it is easy to repair though, it will be better to replace with a new slat.

Note: Rotate your mattress regularly so that spread your bodyweight all over the box spring equally.

The mattress makes noise:

As a conscious user, you may alert about mattress lifespan. When your mattress becomes old, replacement is good practice at that time. Obviously, you can find it rare that a mattress is making noise.

The actual cause behind it is, in today’s market, most of the mattresses don’t have inner springs in them.

You can notice that innerspring and hybrid mattresses make noise, generally, when they become too old. Actually, coils inside of your mattress are losing their springiness power continuously, and interconnection between coils become weak after a long time of usage; as a result, metal makes propping and disgusting noise.

Note: In this case, an all-foam mattress will be your best choice.

The easiest way to fixing disgusting noise and get comfortable sleep again:

Already you came to know what causes today’s issues. Let’s figure out, how to fix the disgusting noise from your mattress. Read attentively, We are going to describe the solution to this issue.

Step-1: Find out the Source of Noise:

At first, you will need to find out where the noises are coming from. Actually, here are 3 main potential sources for the noises you are hearing: your mattress, box spring, foundation, or slats.

It is convenient for you as all-foam mattresses will not cause noise, therefore in case you have an all-foam mattress, it’s easy to assume the noise is coming from the foundation.

You might know that old Innerspring mattresses, as well as hybrid mattresses, are very well known for noisiness, due to their metal springs get weak. In case you possess an innerspring or hybrid mattress, just take the mattress off the bed frame and lay it on the floor.

Lay on it, and walk on the mattress to test for sounds. If the mattress is making noise, then the main culprit is your mattress. The spring of coils gets damaged and so it makes noise. When your mattress itself making noise, it will better to replace it as soon as possible.

Check for your mattress warranty card, in case you are lucky enough, you will find a new mattress from the company.

If the noise comes from the box spring, it’s likely coming from the metal coils. In this case, we recommend simply buy a new box spring.

Now you may regard to invest in a box spring as many newer mattresses don’t need– and can be harmed by them. While the bed frame, foundation, or slate making the noise, then there are many DIY methods that you can try, as described below.

Note: Hybrid and innerspring mattresses might have this difficulty when they getting old.

Step-2: Fix box spring and foundation issues:

It is true that a box spring also has no solution like a mattress other than buying a new one. But, you can set plywood beneath the mattress for a temporary solution. Besides, you can also place an old towel or clothes on the injured area for a fast solution.

While you notice that noise comes from wood, try to add some cotton or putting in some lubricant oil that will prevent rubbing.

You might already come to notice that we mentioned before, there is no big distinction with the box spring in this case. Analyze if wooden slats are move due to temperature hampers their size and also continuous usage.

Step-3: Tighten Joints:

Almost all of the bed frames and foundations are kept together by joints, normally attached with metal bolts or screws.

why does my mattress make noise

Those people who already faced such a problem might know that these areas are a very common source of noisiness, therefore this is an appropriate place to start in trying to stop disturbing noise from your bed.

In this case, properly tighten all the joints on your bed frame. In order to tighten, you have to use a wrench or screwdriver.

Now, you can also regard using plastic washers to achieve a tighter fit, without the metal-on-metal connection that frequently makes noise.

Step-3: Lubricate Joints:

In the case of metal bed frames or any foundation with metal bolts or screws, you can use a lubricant to solve. Use lubricate WD-40 can be to joining point, which usually stops the noise.

After if you tighten and lubricate the bed’s joints properly but still unable to solve the issue, the source of the noise is maybe elsewhere.

Step-4: Important steps:

  • Set any old clothes, for example, socks, t-sharts, above the bed frame to stop the conflict between the mattress or box spring and the frame. This conflict may cause bothersome noise.
  • Do you possess a wooden frame? If yes, no worry! fill every empty space with croaks in order to the mattress or boxspring does not rub each other. You have to Stick the croaks in the gap will let every segment set tightly. Examine every hook!
  • In case the wooden slats on the bed frame friction against the frame, you have to rub some wax on the frame where slats are set. Still now in case you hear the noise then you should replace all flimsy slats to get rid of it.
  • The most neglected factor is analyzing frames legs on the floor, particularly in case it has wood legs as woods are described alive since they wince, they develop over time. Those frame lags may rub on the floor if they are not set equally, Solve it by setting something hard beneath the feet, it might be a towel or plywood.
  • Finally, you can replace old the bed frame with a new one in case the methods mentioned above do not work.

Why it is important to fixing mattress noise:

In a modern world, you might know that we all have the option to convert our bedroom completely soundproof. But it is regret that, noise from your bed is a nightly reality for most.

Don’t lazily ignore it when there is a noise problem in your bed. It is better to fix the problem as soon as possible before it affects your health, we don’t mean those rapid actions which are just temporary solutions.

Disgusting mattress noise means somewhere your bed is uneven which may cause severe health issues. Actually, the mattress which creates noise is truly a saggy mattress because this mattress is unable to provide enough support for your deep sleep, which may cause unsound sleep.

As a result, you may face sleeping disturbances; so, telling you again, in order to get rid of the noise problem take action according to our guidelines.

Final Word:

Nothing goes happen without an issue, some of these issues we ignore; but, sleeping problem? No way! It is not an ignorable matter, you might agree with me.

You may feel that a noisy mattress neither lets you comfortable sleep nor enjoying satisfying sex. You know that these two activities are the most important thing in our life.

So, Invest in your bed as much as required. Well, follow our guidelines and fix your trouble then let us know are you succeed or not. We hope that you find your answer Why Does My Mattress Make Noise.

After reading the full article, please leave a comment below in the comment box, we would be happy to hear from you.

Happy sleeping!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What you can do about your noisy mattress?

Actually, every innerspring mattress isn’t designed with metal-on-metal coil systems. In case you’re interested in the innerspring design, search for a mattress with pocketed coils, also known as Marshall coils.

Happily to say Offset hourglass coil structure also protects noise production, thanks to the hinge-like design of the top and bottom of the coil. Besides, there is another excellent option is the continuous coil, which is an S-shape formation, rather than an original coil.

In case you’re regarding an option to innerspring structure, consider purchasing a mattress that doesn’t have any sort of metal in it. There are some great options are 100% natural latex, memory foam, and hybrids.

Why does my box spring make so much noise?

It is true that springs typically decay over time and squeak for metal rubbing on metal. While you go to bed, your mattress squeezes directly on top of the wood casing of the box spring. This wood covering rubs against the wood support or the metal of the bed frame to produce a disgusting noise.

How do I stop my bed slats from squeaking?

There are many sleepers face such problem. Though the solution is not so hard, because of lack of idea we become confused about it. So, the solution here is padding: you’ll require something to place in between the frame and the slats.

Apply any used cloth (There are many sleepers used a pair of tights before) or a small cutting of cork placed between the two will soften and certainly stop the noise.

How can you make your bed slats stronger?

  • Augment the number of slats.
  • Replace lumber with more solid wood.
  • Utilize more durable wood, such as any hardwood.
  • In this stage, you may add plywood or lumber to existing wood slats.
  • If the slats are worn out replace the slats with metal ones.
  • Besides, after properly analyze add a wood beam in the middle of the bed.
  • Finally, add a box spring to the slats.

Do bed slats break easily?

Single slats are very sensitive and can break down simply for overload. In case a heavyweight person kneels on one of the slats or bends in a way that presses very much pressure on one slat, it may break.

How often should you replace your mattress?

Normally a mattress should be replaced every 6 to 8 years. Undeviously, this is common guidance but it is not applicable for all mattresses. There are so many causes that indicate you should replace your mattress.

If you do not replace your mattress when your mattress is worn out,  you will feel disgusting noise from your mattress. So, read the full article and try to understand Why Does My Mattress Make Noise and how to fix this problem. We describe very easily Why Does My Mattress Make Noise and how to figure out this problem as well as how to fix these issues.

How do You know if your mattress is worn out?

  1. You continuously wake up sore
  2. You suffer from bed allergies
  3. You toss and turn whole the night
  4. Your mattress begins to sag or has a lumps
  5. You notice a lot of noise from your mattress

Do you really need a mattress protector?

When you buy a new mattress, there is no need to purchase a mattress pad (hope that you are happy with the mattress). But it is important a mattress protector is required.

Actually, it is not so costly but protects your property, has no visible impact, and shouldn’t miraculously change the way the mattress feels. It is a problem that a waterproof protector can cause noise. So we hope that you understand Why Does My Mattress Make Noise.

What is the difference between mattress pads and mattress protectors?

Mattress Pad

Mattress Protector

Use for additional comfort

Waterproof protection

A mattress pad will reduce the frequency of cleaning

Shields your bed from allergens

Protect against damage and wear

Bed bug protection

How To Fix Squeaky Mattress?

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