How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs–Full guidelines in 2021

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Do you awaken up with a disturbing feeling, and are pretty annoyed at the bed bugs’ attack? What do you consider it was? Yes! your idea is right. These are bed-bug. There are different kinds of insect attack your bed different time. This article will be very helpful for you to know How to Save mattress from Bed Bugs.

World top experts disclose a statement that bed bugs are the number one pests in America. No worry! It is high time to protect your bed from bed bugs. Sometimes, insects other than bed bugs attacked your bed, so you have to make sure it was bed bugs.

However, don’t do such a mistake by throwing away your mattress or boxspring, as most of us think if they throw their mattress, they will easily free from bed-bugs.

Now, The challenge is how to save mattresses from bed bugs?

In this article, we will cover up, how to find bed-bugs when they are scattered all over your rooms, then, how to annihilate them, How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs, Etc.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Actually, Bed-bug is a tiny, red-brown parasitical insect that bites the uncovered skin of sleeping persons and pets to feed on their blood.

Though bed-bugs aren’t famous for spreading serious diseases, they can cause other health and damage furniture.

The size of bed-bugs is not so big, so they can easily hide in the cracks and crevices of beds, box springs, headboards, bed frames, and any other objects around the bed.

The possibility of facing bed-bug attacks increases in case you are going to spend time in areas where a high assembly of nighttime guests are- for example, hotels, hospitals, or other public shelter places.

How to Recognize Bed Bugs?

How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs

In fact, Bed bugs are an oval form and only grow to around 3/16th of an inch in length. Before they eat, they are brown and flat. After eat, bed bugs become redder in color, swell, and overgrown.

Typically, Bed bugs have 6 legs, and 2 aerials close to the mouth. In spite of having “wing pads,” bed bugs do not have wings and cannot fly.

Actually, it is hard to detect baby bed-bugs though adult bed-bugs are visible to us, especially within mattress seams and box springs. Bed bug nymphs can be tough to detect because they are smaller in size and paler in color.

What incident indicates there is bed-bugs Infestation?

  • Notice small reddish-brown stool spots on mattresses, upholstery, or walls
  • Bites on your arms and legs
  • Infestations can also be recognized by sightings of bed bug molt skins, their eggs, empty eggshells, or the bugs themselves
  • You can see their solid waste on the bedsheet
  • You may hear a walking sound similar to rats in your bedroom
  • They are oval-shaped insects, almost like an apple seed.
  • There may be a moldy odor from the bugs themselves

Where do they hide?

It’s silly to think that they live on your mattress only. You might know, they are very tiny insects, as a result, they can hide ownself in any small space. Insects particularly bed-bugs usually live near where you sleep. Bed-bugs hides in the cracks and crevices of:

  • Bed frame
  • Headboards
  • Mattresses
  • Boxspring
  • Old Furniture
  • Hanging loose wallpaper
  • Beneath carpet close to the baseboard
  • Inside light switch plates or electrical board

How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs?

Clean the bedding:

National Pest Management Associations states bed-bugs are most likely to be found on the bed or anywhere near the bed. Whatever says NPMA, you might have known that bed-bugs live near beds and into bedding accessories.

So, the first important thing is that you require to clean all your bedding material. Assemble all covers, for example, pillow covers, mattress cover, bedsheets, and others. Then put them into a washing machine and clean them properly.

If you are unable to clean those at home properly; however, we recommend cleaning in any laundromat. Listen attentively why- bed bug-infested materials require to be cleaned suitably as well as also dried properly.

Actually, bed bugs die within 20 minutes of exposure to 60 degrees celsius around. In the laundromat, you can provide essential heat and space, moreover, you will be capable to use more powerful industrial chemicals.

N.B: Never forget to clean washable soft accessories adjacent to the bed. 

Use Steam cleaner:

Actually, a secure, clean, and toxin-free method to kill bed bugs is with steam. If you have a steam cleaner, use it on your mattress, sofa, furniture, etc. In case you do not want to use heat, you can use a steam cleaner as a non-toxic solution

You can buy a portable steam cleaner in order to kill bed-bugs, their egg, and their nets, etc, then once dry, vacuum the remnants away. Confirm that you haven’t missed any part of the furniture. A steam cleaner is very much effective to kill bed bugs, their egg, and their nets, etc.

Bed bug killer spray:

The most important step in killing bed bugs is to try and kill them before they get spread around the house. You have to wash all bed linen or soft furnishings that they have been on but before doing so, make sure where they live.

The spray is a suitable item for you because you can’t wash like some furniture and mattresses. In case you have only detected a few bed bugs, you can try a less toxic formula such as a distilled vinegar spray.

Vinegar spray is capable to kill those it comes into contact with as well as can be sprayed quite liberally as long as you can let it dry.

Note: Apply these in a well-ventilated area and keep away this spray from pets and kids. It will be better to sleep elsewhere for a few nights while treatment going on.

Bed-Bugs Interceptor:

In this stage, you have already cleaned your bedding as well as accessories adjacent to your bed. Then, put interceptors beneath the legs of the bed.

Actually, Interceptor is a machine based on simple physics. You might know that a bed bug cannot fly rather they just climb and scrawl.

Well, now attention on the interceptor. Actually, the interceptor has a slippery vertical surface that does not let a bed bug climb up; on the plus side, bed bugs stick to the device. Happy to say, the interceptor will support you monitor the infestation of bed bugs.

How do bed-bugs spread?

The disturbing insects like Bedbugs can move from one place to another place by traveling on items such as clothing, luggage, furniture, boxes, and bedding.

Bedbugs can spread about as quickly as a lady-bug, and they can quickly move between floors and rooms in hotels or apartment complexes.

Where do bed bugs come from?

You already come to know that bed bugs can be found in such locations where humans congregate and spend extended time, it is important to be on the lookout for bed bugs in old furniture, goods gathered room, worn-out box spring, beneath the table, beneath the mattress, etc.

Remember that, your room should be thoroughly inspected daily before sleeping in bed. It is better to check the bedsheets properly for tell-tale blood spots or sightings of bugs or eggshells.

In this stage, you can use a small flashlight to find bedbug’s nests. As bed bugs can move easily anywhere, be sure to vacuum suitcases and inspect for any signs of bed bugs upon returning from a vacation.

Besides it is better to buy a large bag to keep your suitcase in during hotel stays and clean your clothes on hot cycles once you back home.

Moreover, Don’t purchase second-hand furniture, particularly mattresses and box springs, into your home without fully checking for symptoms of bed-bugs.

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally?

  • Throw away the unnecessary thing
  • Wash your bedding and clothing at a high temperature and store them in a plastic bag
  • Vacuum everything regularly
  • Consider using a steam cleaner
  • Add a few drops of essential oil(citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, mint, and rosemary, etc) into your laundry
  • Use Baking soda
  • Use dryer sheets on your mattress underneath your bedsheets.

Prevent future attack:

In this stage, we hope previously you confused How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs but now you better understood How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs. If yes, then well-wishing. Ultimately the main point is that you still have to prevent future attacks of bed-bugs. Here are some tricks on how to prevent bed-bugs attacks in the future.

  • Throw away the unnecessary thing( Declutter your bedroom)
  • Vacuuming your bedroom routinely and always keep it clean
  • Use wall protein to fill all hole in the floor of your bedroom
  • Never buy second-hand furniture or mattress (If you want to buy, check properly whether it is affected by bed-bugs or not
  • Temperature is their ultimate enemy as they simply die at 48 degrees Celsius temperature.
  • Replace worn-out mattress
  • Replace worn-out box spring
  • Clean your room regularly
  • Keep your pets clean

How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs:


Finally, we would like to inform you that bed bugs bite humans as they live in human blood. Consequently, you may face some serious health problems that affect your healthy sleep. But this is a really considerable thing because those bed- bugs spread very quickly; so, it is high time to take action against bed-bugs.

We acknowledge that You might have the cleanest home on earth, however, you may face bed-bugs attacks anytime in the future. So never ignore this issue rather take protective action immediately.

We hope that you understand How to Save Mattress from Bed Bugs and how to save your mattress from bed bugs and other insects. Leave a comment please if you find this article helpful, we would be happy to hear from you.

Happy sleeping!

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