Top 11 Ways on How to Keep Air Mattress From Deflating [Full Information + Ultimate Guide 2021]

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After purchasing a new air mattress you are wondered, you buy a new air bed but why is it deflating overnight without any holes or other reasons, Moreover you become concerned about how to keep your air mattress from deflating,  Right?  If yes, no worry!

This article is going to be great for you, if you have been looking for a solution that how to keep air mattresses from deflating, and haven’t found the right solution yet.

By reading this article carefully, you will find the solution, why your air mattresses deflating without any hole, how to keep air mattresses from deflating, and finally you will get the solution to some commonly asked questions. So, read the article full carefully then you will able to know all about how to keep air mattresses from deflating.

How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating?

Think, you are enjoying sleep on your air mattress at night. After waking up in the morning you saw yourself in a deflated and sagged air mattress. Then what will be your reaction?

The reaction may not look well I think. And it is sure that, in this circumstance, you will promise to yourself not to use such type of mattress in future otherwise you decided to purchase a new one. And you may be dont know the process by which you can deal with it easily though there are some ways on how to keep air mattresses from deflating.

Actually, an air mattress can auto deflated depending on some factors and your inexperience. Only you are not facing such a problem, there are many users who are faced with that problem.

Following tips and tricks will help you to prevent your air mattresses from deflating moreover those tips can help to fix your problem easily.

1)Before set up, Check your surrounding:

Before set-up your air bed, checking your surrounding is the most important tip you will ever get. While you own an air mattress, before inflating it, it is your initial step to making sure the area or the surrounding is neat clean as well as free from sharp objects.

If you neglect this primary step, and you will be among those people who ignore it and finally facing the consequences. So before falling into a problem, make sure you check your surroundings and then blow up your air mattress.

2)Keep your air mattress deflated when not using:

It is very much important, deflate your air mattress after use. When you are preparing for a camping journey and an air mattress is what you will use to sleep, then it is an important idea to allow make sure you let the air out after use.

It fully depends on your choices, you can fully deflate or deflate a little bit after each night. If you deflate it after use then it will help relieve pressure on the material and seams.

Then the air mattress will undergo the least pressure, which will help it be in good condition when you use it next time.

3)Maintain Weight capacity:

You might know that every air mattress has its highest weight capacity. The weight limit is normally available in the user manual and other papers that appear with the air mattress. If you have any ambiguity, the seller will always be pleased to help you with this matter.

When you come to know your air bed capacity, always make sure you follow these ranges. Never overload your air bed to avoid deflation. While it appears like an easy rule to follow, most of us flout this rule only to suffer the results. So, you might know that there is always a reason why their weight limit is there.

4)Most importantly maintain manufacturers guidelines:

Above all, the most vital point is that if you use your mattress following the manufacturers’ guidelines, your air mattress pads will attractive and durable at the same time will be free from deflating overnight.

Therefore, before using your new air mattress, make sure you go through the full manufacturer’s manual. Expectedly, the seller will be happy to help you with this matter.

5)Fold Carefully:

It is very much important that after using these mattresses, make sure that you folded them properly. This is definitely to lessen their sizes for the sake of suitable storage. When doing it, make sure that you do so with care.

Do not just cramp the mattress carelessly. Rather, use with great attention and care. Fold it carefully without doing a rush. Do it so slowly as to prevent doing any errors.

6)Maintain the Room Temperatures:

Your air mattress will always miss out on a bit of air every time the temperature in your room switches up or down. When you turn your heater on or off ere you sleep or even opening or blocking the door or window will conduct to a variate in the room temperature and ultimately influence the air mattress.

At the time of your air bed getting colder, it will most assuredly lose air. If you want to prevent this problem, make sure your air mattress is adapted to room temperature. As a temperature change is one of the causes of air mattress leakage, so make sure that the temperature is most suitable.

7)Don’t over-inflate it:

Manufacturers recommended it is not wise to inflate an air mattress at its highest level. Actually, over-inflating a mattress bears few risks. At the time you start to use it in over-inflated condition, then there is a tremendous possibility to lose air from this mattress, or also fracture can occur at any moment.

You would not face any problems in primary days but it really sure that this it can cause a future problem.

8)You have to aware of the setup area:

The most important and unavoidable thing that you should do before setting up your air mattress is to inspect the ground. When you’re setting it up outside, for example, on a camping trip, carefully make sure that the ground is even as well as dispel any sharp things that could damage your air mattress.

Those sharp objects include stones, pebbles, and others that could puncture the air mattress. If you follow this same formula for indoor use your mattress will provide you better services:

9)Wait for your new air mattress material natural stretching:

At the time you initially unbox your air mattress, it is going to be crumpled up. Usually, it stretches, while you inflate it. If you sleep on your air bed and get up after a few hours, it may look like it’s lost air pressure, but such normally not occur.

The stretched element just goes back to its usual shape, therefore it seems like the mattress is deflated. Actually, the best quality mattresses don’t stretch as much as the poor quality. It is normal that the material will stretch more during the first few nights.

People can turn-aside that problem by inflating the air mattress as well as leaving it to resolve for a few days before using it. While your air mattress extent its original shape, it will not deflate on you any longer.

10)Make sure that keep it away from over sitting and kids jumping area:

How much of an effect this has depends on the inner formation of your certain type of mattress, but applying high force on a little space can speed up deflation. Moreover, jumping on the air mattress is never suggested.

11)Store properly and clean your mattress carefully:

When you fold your air mattress, storing it suitably is a must-duty. The way you prefer to care about it, the similar way it will assist you. Therefore to keep it clean and store in a safe way is very much significant. Just keep it stays away from dust, water, and dirt, or other harmful objects.

Always try to avoid those areas where bugs can harm your air bed. It is already discussed, keep it away from sharp things in terms of storage. Put your air mattress in a bag that is always included in the box. Never eat any camping meals or food on the air mattress or not do any work that can make your air mattress rubbish.

Finally, reliable storage, as well as cleansing, can take your indoor or outdoor air mattress in a long way without having deflated problems.

Why are Air Mattresses Deflating Overnight?

How to Keep Air Mattress From Deflating

1) Wrong Usage:

If you purchase an air mattress and continue using it without learning how to use it properly, several times you will notice that the air in your mattress goes away automatically because you do not know the proper method of using it.

So the first thing to do when buying a new air mattress is to read the manual well and use it accordingly. Hence, it will be the best idea before using an air mattress, takes enough time to go through the full user manual.

Make sure you came to understand every print of the manual and keep in mind that you will maintain each and every one of them properly. If you do so, we can guarantee that you will have your air bed operating at the optimum level.

2)Kids jumping:

Kids are always enjoying jumping on the air mattress. They feel overwhelmed when they jumping on the mattress. But this jumping is caused for deflating your air mattress.

Letting your children bounce on the air mattress may be amusing for most people, but turn out to be costly entertainment. This bouncing fun will generate a bubble and lumps on diverse areas. The air mattress will also undergo consistent air loss in the process, that is the problem you want to avoid.


Usually, you may imagine you have no punctures in the air mattress, you may be astonished at how little a leak can be which can let the air mattress fully deflate within the night. With little lathery water, start by using it on the inflated air mattress.

Initially, check the valves to make sure that they are not leaking. Then apply lathery water to the layer of the mattress. By pushing pressure to the mattress, bubbles will be seen if there is a slight tear or puncture.

4)The temperature affects:

One of the most important reasons for the loss of air from your air mattress is the effect of temperature. As the temperature rises you will notice that the air from your mattress is deflating.

So, always keep your air mattress temperature in balance with the room temperature. At higher temperatures or cooler temperatures, your mattress may lose some air, so don’t assume that your mattress is punctured.


Many times unexpected air deflation depends on the quality of the air mattress that you buy. Always try to use good quality expensive air mattresses. Since you will invest a large amount of money in the mattress, so, there is no substitute for a good quality mattress to get good service from this mattress.

If you use a cheap air mattress you will feel regular air deflation from your mattress.

6)When you over-inflated it:

Overinflating an air mattress is not a good practice for its durability. When used in over-inflated conditions, its elasticity gradually decreases. Even if you don’t feel any problem at first as a result of using it in this way, after using it for some time, you will notice problems like losing regular air from it. So try to inflate until the seller approves the label.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Repair a Leaky Air Mattress?

Is Air Mattress Deflate Overnight?

Normally, each and every air bed will lose a bit of air at night, but the quality/type of all air mattresses can vary. The important factors of the quantity of air lost are your physique weight and the height at which you are using the mattress.

In the case of anyone using an air mattress at a higher elevation, it is likely to fall air quicker, as well as cooler temperatures, which don’t make it any better.

How Long Does an Air Mattress Last?

If you take care properly then an air mattress can last as long as 10-15 years. The durability, of course, will depend on the quality of the mattress as well as how well you utilize it. You have to preserve your air mattress from sharp things that can create a puncture or tear.

Make sure there are no such objects in the setup area before inflating your air mattress. Practicing the appropriate beddings also supports as it saves the mattress from dirt and grime, also can render an additional barrier toward sharp objects.

Can I Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

Though an air mattress can be comfortable to sleep on, you should not use it forever to avoid possible back pain problems.

Additionally, you have to consider replacing your air mattress after a few years-the National Sleep Foundation suggests that replacing your mattress every 4 to 5 years.

Is it OK to sleep on an air mattress every night?

Air mattress is perfect for camping or outdoor traveling, but a best quality air mattress can also perform very well to sleep on every night. This inflatable air mattress is suitable for small places and shared living situations.


Ultimately, we will say that most air mattresses that deflate overnight are not poor type but rather not utilized properly. like you have recently learned, actually, deflation occurs for some remarkable factors you would not have thought into consideration.

Finally, while your air mattress retains deflating even after you took all cautionary actions, then it could be leaking. If your air mattress is leaked, you will require a patch kit or a makeshift one with super glue to repair the puncture.

I think you found your answer on how to keep air mattresses from deflating.

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