5 Easy Steps on How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood — Full Information + Complete guide in 2021

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In the case of every old mattress, sagging is a common phenomenon, but by following proper steps you will get the best solution. Happy to say, plywood will be your best friend to fix the sagging mattress. Therefore don’t get worried about how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood. 

Though there are many other solutions are here but using plywood is one of the best options. So, fixing the sagging issues of your mattress with plywood is a valuable technique that needn’t cost a large amount of money and does not need a big effort either. Now let’s easily figure out how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood.

In this article, we will cover up, how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood, why your mattress is sagging, the most reliable technique to protect your mattress from undergoing sagging, and finally some best solutions of frequently asked questions that will help you to know all about your mattress protection.

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood:

When you are thinking about How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood? Then we would like to recommend you that plywood can be the best option which supports fixing a sagging mattress. When you notice that the problem is a lack of support, use plywood to give the mattress a firmer base.

You can keep a sheet of plywood down on the slats of your bed frame, then set the mattress on top of that slats. This plywood will help the mattress from below, stopping your mattress from sagging. If the problem is an older mattress, plywood can provide you a short-term solution.

Very carefully cut the piece of plywood to fit the shape and size of the sagging area, and put it under the mattress in the soft point. Actually, It will kick back on the mattress in the issues space, making it feel firmer as well as more like the rest of the mattress.

why do mattress sag:

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood

You might know that sagging is normally the outcome of normal wear-and-tear to your mattress. The ingredients of foam utilized in mattresses tend to soften time after time because they are exposed to significant pressure every night from the sleeper’s body.

Continuously, this regular softening of foam on your mattress lets you notice getting your mattress sagging, and less even support. Actually, at the same time, the innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses sagging are also common.

The metal coils applied in these mattresses tend to lose pressure over time while the comfort layers soften, resulting in less firm support in problem spaces. The Sagging issues normally happen in the spaces that are exposed to the most pressure. Generally, this includes spaces that support the hips and shoulders. A sagging mattress will afford unbalanced support, which can significantly decrease comfort and sleep quality.

Low-Quality Mattress:

There are many consumers who buy the cheaper mattress to save money. Though cheap mattresses get damaged quickly than expensive mattresses, it does not mean all cheap mattresses are bad.

Moreover, some dishonest mattress industry sells low-quality mattresses. Those low-quality mattresses get sags quickly. The cause behind the sagging of mattresses is the fabric and foam are of very low quality, it cannot last long as your expectation.

Notable tip: Before buying a new mattress, try to analyze customers’ reviews.

Box Spring becomes damaged:

The topmost important reason for your mattress to get sagging is damaging the spring box. Generally, if you use an old spring box, your mattress quickly becomes damaged. So the spring box should be in good condition.

This is a very important point for your mattress because the durability of your mattress mostly depends on the spring box. If you check regularly whether the spring box is alright or not, your mattress will last long. In case there are any problems, you need to repair them quickly. If you notice any injury in the spring box then you can fix it with plywood.

Remember that, if you don’t even use the base of your mattress, it won’t get sufficient support that means it will be encountered premature wear out by sagging. Actually, a mattress is manufactured to be most comfortable, when there are using a base.

Notable tip: As soon as you notice your box spring become damaged, repair it or change it quickly.

When Sleep in the same place constantly:

It is Obvious that sleeping in a certain area repeatedly is notably liable for sagging. If you sleep in the same space repeatedly for a long time, the comfort layer of that space decays as a result, so, it gets sagged. In case you are a back sleeper, for instance, most likely you will notice the shape of your shoulder on the mattress after a long time.

Believe it or not, such issues will cause you high distress and health hazards as well. In this case, rotating your mattress can be a convenient solution. But there is an ongoing debate about how often should I rotate my mattress? Anyway, our sleeping advisor team suggests you rotate once in three months.

Notable tip: Change your sleeping space in the mattress regularly.

Weak Maintainance:

We already mentioned that your mattress requires a suitable rotation circle, appropriate distribution of body pressure. In case you are indifferent to take care of your mattress, obviously, you will regret it while indents reveal on the mattress.

You must know that not only a mattress but also anything becomes fruitless if it is not well maintained. Moreover, lack of maintenance is one of the major reasons for the sagging mattress. Actually, checking the sink level routinely and turn it around is very important.

In case you notice that the sinks are visible, they cannot be used anymore. Therefore in order to avoid sagging, regular maintenance is very much important. If you maintain your mattress properly, there will be no sagging and the life expectancy of your mattress will improve as well.

Easy Steps on How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with Plywood:

This table will give you a complete guideline on how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood!



Step: 1

Firstly, you need to measure the depth of dip on your mattress. 
This task is much easy to do. You have to grab a ribbon/meter to measure the depth.

Step: 2

In this stage, it is your turn to prepare plywood. No worry, buy or use a plywood 3/4 inch or deeper than this; contrariwise, your plywood will unable to provide enough support, it may break down.

Step: 3

Now cut reap plywood pursuing the size of your mattress, but make sure that cut in a somewhat reduced dimension.

Step: 4

Finally, when cutting is completed, place the mattress on plywood.
It will solve the sagging issue; still, if it does not work, try putting small pieces in particular sagging spaces.

Step: 5

Moreover, if sagging feels in the middle after placing plywood you have to use double the plywood which will provide more comfort.

How do you know That Your Mattress Is Really Saggy:

1)You Wake up tired:

Firstly, a sagging mattress typically deteriorates the quality of your sleep. This occurs as you come to consciousness about the “gap” in the center of the mattress and you apparently try to do anything to avoid it. you are struggling the whole night from having a restorative and peaceful sleep and so you wake up tired.

2)You feel like falling from your bed:

A saggy mattress unable to support your weight suitably, therefore you’ll apparently feel a difficult condition of falling from your mattress or falling in the middle of your bed while sleeping.

This sensation will ultimately make you improve “defensive tools” for example, keeping a pillow on your back for support or sleeping in a difficult position.

3)You wake up with a painful back:

You might know that a sagging mattress doesn’t provide appropriate support to your bone anymore, you have been experiencing mild back pains in the long run. Such pain arises as your body weight is unequally spread and extreme pressure is put on some of your muscles and nerves.

So, you wake up in the morning and feel a sore arm or pain in your back. Some of us apparently don’t know why this is occurring and needlessly you blame the pillow. Actually, your sagging mattress might cause these issues as well as that’s why you need to fix it quickly.

The disadvantage of Plywood:

Though using plywood is the best option to fix a sagging mattress, but using plywood under a sagging mattress does have some disadvantages. As the underside of the mattress rests flat against the wood, lighter air flows around it, which raises the chance of mildew growth on the bottom of your mattress, particularly if you exist in a wet climate.

This Mildew will destroy your mattress. In case the mattress is old, it will proceed to sag and get more flexible time after time. In this case, the plywood supports short-time, but as time goes on, it won’t be sufficient to make the mattress comfortable.

How to Fix a Sagging Mattress with other alternatives of Plywood:

Use Mattress Topper:

A Mattress topper will be very helpful to you sleeping more comfortably on a mattress that is sagging. A Mattress topper is used as an additional part of your mattress that is simply placed on top of your bed, offering an additional layer of comfort on top of the existing mattress.

Actually, mattress toppers are purchased separately as related accessories and usually feature two inches to five inches of foam, latex, wool, down, down alternative, or feathers. If you want to protect the mattress from sagging, the thicker toppers made from denser materials tend to perform best.

The best quality mattress topper can support overcoming the effects of your sagging mattress by providing a more even sleep surface. Undoubtedly, mattress toppers are a famous alternative for those who are not yet ready to purchase a new mattress but want to develop the comfort of their existing mattress.

Note: A mattress topper won’t fix a sagging mattress, but it’s a suitable and affordable short-term technique to improve your comfort.

Mattress Helper:

Our sleeping advisor team always would love to recommend you to buy a mattress helper rather than a mattress topper; in case, your bed has more valleys than peaks. Actually, mattress helpers are placed under your mattress and that is where it is different from a topper.

Note: It works better for innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses.  

Use extra pillows:

As a short-term solution to counter sagging, there are many people who use extra pillows placed in the areas where the mattress is sagging and got good results. Many others love to sleep with a pillow underneath their back, hips, or legs.

In this case, using pillows with good shape retention is best. Many sleeping advisors recommend laying pillows under the mattress itself, to support prop up spaces that are sagging.

Note: We do not suggest this technique, because it can accelerate the aging of the mattress by preventing even support.

#Frequently Asked Question:

How do I save my mattress from sagging?

1)Do not sleep in the same place regularly
2)Flip your mattress routinely
3)Rotate your mattress regularly
4)Use a mattress topper
5)Check your box spring regularly

How to care for your new mattress?

1)Clean your mattress regularly
2)Use a liquid-resistant mattress protector
3)Maintain manufacturers guidelines
4)Rotate and flop your mattress routinely and properly
5)Carefully moving your mattress
6)Vacuum your mattress regularly

How Long Should a Mattress Last?

Maximum good quality mattresses might last between 8 and 10 years. However, there are several factors that can influence mattress lifespan.

1)Mattress Materials
2)Original Quality
3)Mattress Type
4)Sleeping position and Body Weight
5)Proper maintenance

When you should replace your mattress?

1)When you are not sleeping well on your mattress
2)When your mattress feel extremely saggy or unsupportive
3)When you wake up with pains and aches
4)When it has been 8 years since you bought
5)When you noticed allergies of asthma symptoms increased
6)When you notice your mattress create extreme noise
7)When you feel your partner’s movements at night more than you used to
8)Your mattress has a permanent indent of 1.5” or deeper

How to fix body impression in a mattress?

Fixing body impression is not so hard but because of lack of knowledge about this issue, we are wondering how to fix body impression in mattress! Here is the complete solution to fixing body impressions in mattresses.


Finally, we would like to inform you that indentation causes some serious health hazards, so, we recommend you take action asap. Using plywood under a mattress is suitable for reducing back pain.

Therefore, this formula is more profitable than any other fixing technique. Let’s start with this method to fix your mattress sagging. We hope that you understand the process on how to fix a sagging mattress with plywood.

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