4 Easy Steps on How to Deep Clean a Memory Foam Mattress (Full guide in 2021)

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It is a traditional inquiry of everyone that how to deep clean a memory foam mattress. So if you read this article first to last then you will notice the full guidance on the proper technique of washing a memory foam mattress.

Undoubtedly Holding your bed fresh is the safest method to preserve your expenditure and guarantee that it will afford you years of refreshing sleep. Now, we are proceeding to explore what you’ll require to do to have your mattress in the wonderful condition during its lifespan.

You continuously wash your bed coverings and pillows or others and hopefully, you may don’t identify the proper idea about how to cleaning a memory foam mattress. So read continue and follow proper tips.

When you use the mattress constantly, then sometimes it got dirty with fruit punch, coffee, urine or vomit, blood, peppermint tea, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and bone broth. Then you have to clean it perfectly to make it views new again.

There are multiple techniques to clean the mattress, but if you do not catch the best and quickest way to clean the mattress, it will not be as clean as the new one.

If there are any stains on the mattress as a result of daily usage or if there are spots on it in any way, You can clean it like a new one by following the correct guidelines.

How to deep clean a memory foam mattress:

4 most effective ways how to deep clean a memory foam mattress:

#1)Vacuum cleaner:

Since the memory foam mattress has a sewn cover, it can hold more dirt. And so you have to use a vacuum cleaner everywhere in the corners. Vacuum cleaner one of the most significant techniques for washing mattresses.

All of you may know about the proper use of vacuum cleaners. If you use it accurately, then it can be a great way to clean your mattress absolutely. It will absorb all the dirt hidden on your mattress.

#2)Sprinkle baking soda on the mattress:

Take baking soda in a sieve and spread it evenly over the whole mattress. You must ensure that it is evenly distributed throughout the Mattress. Now rub the baking soda into your mattress properly.

After making sure you are brushing the whole mattress properly, wait 20 minutes, and then use the vacuum cleaner on the whole mattress again.

Keep in mind that baking soda plays a very effective role in moisturizing the mattress and removing various stains.

#3)Spray mix solution all over your mattress:

Mix the following three ingredients together in 2 squares of clear dish soap, 1 part cold water, and 1 part hydrogen peroxide. And then take it in a small spray machine and spray evenly all over the mattress.

After that Wait 10 minutes for it to dry lightly then sprinkle some baking soda all over the mattress again. Now take a brush and rub it well. Then let the combined cleaning liquid and extra baking soda (optional) sit overnight.

Nest day spray again mixes the solution with vinegar if needed and then finally vacuum the whole mattress perfectly and wait for a magical result. When spraying the mixture on the mattress you need to be careful not to spread too much.

If you overspray it, your mattress will absorb these liquids and that can create other problems, such as mold or germs. In case of more stable stains, regard the same washing method for eliminating them.

Now, apply the vinegar solution rather than the fabric cleanser solution. Once the stable stains are cleaned, follow up by rubbing the area with a clean wet cloth.

#4)Dry the Mattress:

After that, you have to keep your mattress in the drying process for a few hours. Remember that if you dry it more, then it may be damage. Though the drying process is very much important for your mattress but overheating can damage your memory foam mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1)How to clean pee stains out of a mattress?

It is necessary to know how to deep clean pee spots as soon as possible, although they’re still expecting those attempting to eliminate old or wilted pee from their mattress.

follow the above rules properly then all the pee stains will be removed.

2)How Can a dirty mattress make you sick?

When your memory foam mattress gets dirty it can spread various skin diseases and at the same time, this dirt enters the respiratory system and can cause dangerous respiratory diseases.

In addition, if the mattress is dirty and not deep cleaned regularly, then various allergies risk will increase.

3)Can I put a memory foam mattress in the washing machine?

When you wash bed coverings and cushion coverings into the washing machine, It is not the right way to wash your memory foam mattress topper.

Memory foam becomes damaged or ripped in the washing machine. There are other cleaning methods for your memory foam mattress topper.

4)How often should you replace a memory foam mattress?

Actually, the most suitable answer to this question is given below, Good quality memory foam mattresses can surely last 10-12 years.

Normal memory foam mattresses don’t last as long as 2/3 years. there is some factor that determines how long a memory foam mattress lasts. The principal factor is that the quality of your mattress should be very good.

The next most essential factor is thickness. A memory foam mattress of proper thickness can carry sufficient weight and last for numerous days. Always try to buy that mattress which thickness is 4-5 inches. If you take care, 4 and 5 inches can last around 7 years.

It is more suitable to buy a new quality mattress without investing in a mattress that is already old or has expired. Weight is another major factor for enduring your memory foam mattress.

I support you to buy a topper designed respectively for heavier and plus-size sleepers. Ultimately, care and preservation is an unavoidable factor for lasting your memory foam mattress.

5)why use a memory foam mattress topper?

It will decrease back pain and maintain the best sleeping position for you. There are some significant reasons to use memory foam mattresses.

Firstly Memory foam mattress is so comfortable for sleeping. It is not only comfortable but also healthy too. It will reduce back pain and keep the best sleeping condition for your spine.

Secondly, as memory foam mattresses can hold heat, If you use these then these can diminish body pain a lot and you will feel better when you use a memory foam mattress than another mattress.

6)How do you make a memory foam mattress last longer?

i)You have to use Mattress protectors to guard your mattress:

If you use a mattress protector, then the mattress will not get dirty even if there is any kind of dirt, urine, chocolate stains, or blood stains on the mattress.

You can use a mattress protector always for lasting your memory foam mattress a long time. It can save your mattress from urine stains,

Only the protector gets dirty and by changing this protector and installing a new one, the mattress becomes beautiful again like new.

ii)Make sure you wash your memory foam mattresses regularly:

How long your mattress will be durable is ninety percent depends on whether you clean it regularly.

iii)Always keep your mattress away from overheat:

Since the memory foam mattress is very sensitive, it should not be dried in the hot sun. It is much better to dry in the light sun.

iv)Let the mattress swallow the sun’s temperature for certain hours:

Occasionally you can expose your memory foam mattress to sunlight, The sun’s light will help your memory foam mattress to remain a good condition for the long run.

But it is noticeable that overheating is harmful to your memory foam mattress.

v)Preserve your mattress from a different type of bedbugs:

Several times you will notice that there are different types of insects in the bed, which can ruin your memory foam mattress with a hole.

So use a good protector for the safety of the mattress.

vi)Separate beds for your pets:

If you have pets, such as chickens, make sure they need a separate comfortable bed. If it is not separate, it can make your mattress dirty by urinating.

7)How can you prevent any future stains for your memory foam mattress?

You should use Mattress protectors to guard your mattress against the risk of getting dirty or stained in the future. Protectors are made from fluid-resistant materials that allow breathing and protect the mattress from liquids and debris.

8)Should I rotate my memory foam mattress?

If you rotate your memory foam mattress 180 degrees every three months or six months, the lifetime of your mattress will increase and you may feel more comfortable sleeping.

As soon as you clean your mattress then immediately rotate my memory foam

9)Is a memory foam mattress good for your back?

Of course, memory foam mattresses are most suitable to reduce back pain. Moreover, this type of mattress relaxes the stress-points of your body, reduces pain. Besides, a memory foam mattress creates a natural curve strengthening your spine and waist. So the memory foam mattress is the best of all mattresses in terms of comfort.


Definitely, everyone wants their mattress/memory foam mattress to be always new but it is not clear to all that how to deep clean a memory foam mattress.

Actually, Who does not love that his old memory foam mattress remains to look new again? If you want to make your mattress clean, then I will recommend you to follow the above rules and thus your memory foam mattress will look new again.

Finally, I think you understand how to Deep Clean a Memory Foam Mattress. Now if you don’t clean the mattress regularly, it can cause respiratory problems and skin problems.

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