4 Best Ways on How to Clean Mattress Without Vacuum [Full Tricks + Ultimate Guide 2021]

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When your mattress got dirty, you feel it is a challenging matter, how to clean mattress without vacuum properly, Right? Also, you may be wondering if it will be as beautiful as before / if it will be completely free of dirt again? Don’t worry! by reading this article carefully, you will get all the clarifications to your inner inquiries.

This article will be great for you. All of your confusion will be solved after reading the article properly. In this article, we have discussed how to clean a mattress properly without a vacuum cleaner. Moreover, the best tips to keep your mattress most attractive and durable and finally some commonly asked questions.

How to Clean Mattress Without Vacuum:

It is true that a vacuum is not the only process that how you can clean your mattresses but also there are so many very effective products are here to deep clean your mattress. The four powerful cleaning products by which you can deep clean your mattresses properly without a vacuum cleaner are given below:

Ingredients: What you need


1)Baking Soda:

Actually, baking soda is a neutralizing instrument, that very excellent to remove any kinds of bad odor and deep stains from your mattress. Especially, baking soda is widely used to prevent bad smell which is created from pee.

In case you have small children or pets, you have to face the bad odor that is come from urine. Happy to say, it also helps to decrease the smell of sweat. When you use baking soda left this on the mattress for at least 30 to 40 minutes to absorb the odor.

It would be better if you leave the baking soda on the mattress for several hours. The more you wait in this situation, the more baking soda will absorb the smell and clean properly.

1)White Vinegar:

You might be thinking about how to clean a mattress without a vacuum or how does your mattress will look as attractive as the new one again. In this situation, vinegar might be your best friend.

Use white vinegar to remove any stains from your mattress, its acidic components are very effective in removing any kinds of stain. At first, Soak the affected spaces with white vinegar.

Then if it gets too wet, wipe with paper towels. Dry the excess liquid by pressing it with paper towels without rubbing too much, otherwise, the liquid may spread.

This is a very good cleaning instrument. you can mix white vinegar with baking soda. You will notice an excellent outcome after mixing it. White vinegar can assist in removing vomit spots from a mattress. Besides, It is also effective to prevent bad smells.

Ere you get started on your mattress, wash all of the bedding components and mattress covers in little hot water. Moreover, white vinegar is also suitable for remove dust mites. Combine 1/2 -1 cup of vinegar to remove deep odors and soften your sheets.

3)Hydrogen peroxide:

Hey, You are wondering how to clean a mattress without a vacuum? Simple, It is guaranteed that hydrogen peroxide will be effective if you want to clean your mattress without a vacuum cleaner.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective ingredients to clean a mattress properly. A lot of users have verified that hydrogen peroxide plays the most effective role to clean their mattresses, If you want to remove blood-stain, pee of dog, or urine smell, then hydrogen peroxide can be your best assistant.

Initially, put in a little hydrogen peroxide in the spray bottle and spray it all over the mattress. Then, take a drop of liquid dish soap, 3 tablespoons of baking soda as well as a little hydrogen peroxide.

In this stage, mix all the ingredients into a spray bottle then spray all over in the mattress. Now budge the spray bottle strongly to mix all the ingredients with baking soda. Then spray the compound properly on your mattress where there are stains.

In this way, you will observe a powerful outcome of the mixture and can really eliminate a lot of stains. Finally, you required to repeat this process several times if you want to get excellent outcomes.

4)Enzyme cleaner:

While you are a pet lover, there’s a high possibility of your pet urinating on your bed. Pets pee are more sticky than human pee; contrariwise, they, pets, have a smelling identifying ability of their urine odor which allows them to identify their potty area.

In case there is a lingering smell then your pets will consider this area is allowed for themselves, How odd! No worry. A non-toxic enzymatic cleaner is here for you that is very much effective to kill those toxic acid crystals.

Actually, enzyme cleaner is very beneficial for clean the pee, blood, sweat, vomit, and other biological dirt stains from your mattress.

5)Dry the mattresses:

Following cleaning your mattress it is important to let it dry by air. So, give it enough time to dry its wet space. You can open your window in the room to allow the air and dry out the mattress quicker. If it takes much time, you may switch the fan to dry faster.

Besides, you may also open the covering to let in the sunshine, as the UV rays in the sun will assist to destroy bacteria, reduce odors moreover dry it quicker. If you apply the above four steps while you are cleaning, you will be able to clean your mattress suitably.

Best Tips to Keep Your Mattress Most Attractive and Durable:

1)Use a Mattress Protector:

Using a mattress protector is a good practice to keep your mattress clean and in good condition year after year. Normally, using a mattress protector is very much important for its good condition and lifespan.

So, you can use a mattress protector, then the mattress will not get dirty though there is any kind of urine, dirt, chocolate spots, or blood spots on the mattress.

2)Clean Your Mattress Routinely:

It is very important to clean your mattress regular basis to not getting dirty soon. The durability of a mattress very much depends on regular cleaning. It is a good practice to change your bedsheets every 15 days to keep your health good and to prevent other stains, bed bugs, and bad odors from your mattress.

3)Maintain Manufacturers Guidelines:

There is no alternative to maintain manufacturer’s guidelines to keep your mattress in excellent condition and full fresh. Manufacturers always suggest you read the full users manual guideline before using a mattress to make the best utilization of it.

4)Protect Mattress From Bed Bug:

The bed bug is harmful to your mattress. They can create different kinds of stains on your mattress. Unquestionably, bed bugs are very detrimental to your mattress durability. So, make sure to keep your bedding always clean and your bedding is free from bed-bugs.

5)Dont Eat Anything on the Mattress:

Eating on your bed causes a disruptive sleep and giving you imperfect sleep. When you eat on your bed every day, then it is not so easy to keep your bed and mattress clean. Doing so afford your mattress a possible breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Though almost everyone loves to eat coffee, chocolate, tea, cold drinks, or other foods in bed. This manner can be resulting in bad bugs, spots, mold, and the rapid decay of your mattress.

6)Keep Pets away from Mattress:

This would be difficult to keep away your pets from your bed but pets can track in all kinds of things that are gross to sleep with. Train your pet to stay off the mattress as well as keep your peace of mind.

If you have pets, such as dogs, cats, or others, make sure they have a separate comfortable bed. While they are not separate, they can make your mattress dirty by urinating.

Commonly Asked Question:

How to Clean Mattress Without Vacuum

What causes yellow stains on a mattress?

The sweat, pee, and oils on your mattress can generate excess moisture and thus there are appear yellow stains. For moisture, there can be created one kind of fungus.

Alike to other yellow spots, a fungus can look like small yellow stains covering a specific area of the mattress.

How do you remove the blood-stains from your mattress?

For removing blood stains simply use a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly spray on the stain and after spray, see that the red blood-stain will disappear. When there are old or hard stains, reapply as needed.

Following the stain is removed, swoose the area with cold water to clean out any peroxide that may be left behind.

How do you remove wine stains from your mattress?

Red wine: Rubbing the stain with a moistened cloth with cold water. Af first, if you have a red wine stain remover, try to use it and see that either it is effective or not.

Differently, mix one-part dish soap and two parts hydrogen peroxide, and rub it onto a damp cloth, rub the stain with it. After several moments, rub again until the stain is removed.

How long does the urine odor might last on a mattress?

It fully depends on you, the bad smell may stay perpetually with your mattress unless you clean your bed properly.

Dont worry! just follow our guidelines given above, if you follow these steps properly, the odor should be gone with the stains.

Why Adult and Children urinate on the bed at the night?

There are several reasons why people urinate on the bed. Kids urinate because they typically lose control over the bladder. Contrariwise, adults urinate on the bed for various reasons; to name some of them, pressure, tension, or other medical conditions, for example, diabetes.


Though there has been much more technique to clean a mattress, we have described above the most effective technique on how to clean a mattress without vacuum.

If you know these techniques previously, you will get an effective result by applying these techniques according to our guidelines. There are many mattress users who have already got suitable results by following those tips.

Even now, In case you have more questions about this guide don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you about your feeling after reading this article.

Enjoy your comfortable sleep.

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