How Long does A Memory Foam Mattress Last (Full Information + Best Practices)

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First of all, it is clear that you are a smart consumer, so before buying a new mattress, you want to know how long does a memory foam mattress lasts. Stability is the initial anxiety when it’s time to buy a new mattress.

If you are considering, which kind of mattress will last longer, then the memory foam mattress is suitable for you. This article is expected to be very useful for you before you buy a new mattress. By reading this article you will know all the information about memory foam mattresses.

Such as: how to choose the best memory foam mattress, what is a memory foam mattress, factors influencing durability, types, pros and cons of memory foam mattress, the best practice of memory foam mattress, and Frequently asked questions.

How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last?

Lower quality memory foam will soon lose its support. Actually, you would notice the foam is not expanding and continues indented. as opposed to, best-featured mattress toppers may last up to about 10 to 12 years if you take enough care of them, though 10 years is a range.

Truly, it depends on how usually the topper is utilized. Expensive mattress pads are certainly more durable than cheap mattresses. So, durability depends on the quality of mattress pads.

Moreover, good quality mattresses are always a little more expensive. Though, it is recommended that replacing the mattress every eight years for maintaining a sound sleep environment.

#How to Choose Most Durable Memory Foam Mattress:

When you want to spend a substantial amount of money on a mattress, you have to make sure it will last long years. Obviously, this is totally up to the strength of your mattress.

In the case of memory foam mattress, that is prepared in big part by three ingredients: the thickness of the foam, what type of foam, and BMI.


Weight might have a big impact on the durability of memory foam mattresses. The person who is heavy will sink below the memory foam, thus foams with a low thicker may wear quicker than one would favor.

In case you are a heavy person, don’t attempt to settle for a thickness of any less than five lbs each cubic foot.

2)Thickness scale:

For example, 4-5.3 lbs are regarded as common density level, which is a perfect mattress. Below 4 lbs and above 5.3 are considered as low density and high density, respectively.

The More thick implies the more cells are tightly separated formation, that affords higher backing with longer lifetime and affects performance and feel.


Usually, memory foam mattresses are a little more expensive than other mattresses. You never buy a cheap mattress for a little money. So, If you buy a cheap mattress then the durability of this mattress will not last as long as you expect.

So if you buy a good quality expensive memory foam mattress, your mattress will last for many days.

10 best memory foam mattress under $500.

4)Best Quality:

Undoubtedly, quality is much more significant when buying a new memory foam mattress. When you buy a cheap and low-quality mattress then you can not demand that this mattress will last long days.

Therefore, take sufficient time to pick the best memory foam mattress by comparing and scrutinizing it in the market.

Definitely, A certified and well-featured Memory foam Mattress is the most long-lasting and more satisfying. Just make sure that the mattress you pick is produced of real Components and free from hazardous foam.

#Best practices of your Memory Foam Mattress.

1)Clean your mattress regular basis:

 Don’t be hesitant/lazy while cleaning the mattress routinely, as if it goes any spots on the memory foam plus if you don’t clean it for a long time, it will cost a lot to eliminate these spots later, even then all of the spots may not disappear.

2)Use mattress Protector:

 I think you have recently bought a memory foam mattress, you might already be imagining how to defend your investment. You can still enjoy its breathability and comfort while still protecting it from bed bugs, allergens, and liquids.

What occurs if water scatters on your mattress pad? Can you easily eliminate a spot by washing your mattress? It is not so easy. Thus at the end of the day, you certainly require a waterproof mattress protector.


 Rotate your mattress as frequently as possible, though sellers might recommend rotating once within every 3 to 4 months, at least. If you Rotate your mattresses regularly then it will help you to distribute body weight equally everywhere in the whole space of the bed, increasing durability enough.

4)Follow the producer’s guidelines:

After all, the most significant thing is that if you use your mattress following the sellers’ guidelines, your memory foam mattress will constantly be attractive and durable.

So, before using your memory foam mattress, make sure that you read the seller’s guidelines. Hopefully, the seller has told you how long does a memory Foam mattress lasts that if you follow all the seller’s guidelines.

#Advantage of Memory Foam Mattress:

 1)Relieves Your Back Pain: 

The best characteristic of a memory foam mattress pads is that it’s also effective in terms of releasing the pain on stress points. If you have arthritis or joint ache, then this mattress would be capable to heal.

2)Suitable for Those with Allergies: 

Another advantage is that memory foam mattresses can be hypoallergenic. These have a very thick formation, which is best for diminishing the number of allergens that can build up.

Dust, allergens mold, and others will not be capable of get-a-way into your mattress. The memory foam mattress is really suitable for people who have allergies, as they are very often barred from getting a good night’s sleep.

3)It can use Your Heat: 

The best benefit of a thick memory foam mattress is it’s capable to use your body heat and stress to form your correct shape. The “Visco” section of viscoelastic comes into play here.

Surprisingly, your body temperature softens the memory foam, causing it much more viscous. This type of mattress pad allows you to sink in a mattress. When you get out of bed the foam goes back to what it was originally. This will be the “elastic” part.

#Disadvantage of Memory Foam Mattress:

1)Heavy: There are both advantages and disadvantages to using thick foam. The thickness makes the memory foam mattress so heavy as well as tough to move.

So, one person alone would not be capable to set the mattress up primarily. Even lifting it up to keep the sheet at the bottom can be a problem if you try to do it yourself.

2)It is Not Waterproof: Never bring this mattress near water. You must be very alert to avoid interaction between your memory foam mattress and any type of moisture.

Water can speed up the degeneration of the foam mattress, and the usable period will be lessened. Moisture also makes it hard to clean.

3)Hot: Another drawback is that these mattresses tend to hold body heat. This implies that during the summer season, the sleep would become overheated plus suffering. So, you will awake more times during the nighttime.

It is big problem for people who live in hot climates with lots of moisture in the air. These people should buy a dehumidifier so that they can get sound sleep within the night pleasantly.

4)Expensive: Though these mattresses are long-lasting and best quality, this also indicates they do not come cheap. The memory foam mattress is very well-renowned for being high in price.

It is true that How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last is depended much on the mattress price.

Some consumers are willing to spend on a mattress, memory foam is suitable for them. You have to decide whether the quality is really valuable for the price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Have a look at the most commonly asked questions all over the internet and online directories.

Why Is Memory Foam Mattress So Durable?

You are very anxious about How Long Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last, Right? Actually, Memory foam mattresses are the best long-lasting kinds of mattresses feasible due to the unique features of the foam.

Memory foam Mattress is temperature sensitive and molds to the shapes of your body, as well as fast comebacks to their original form after you woke up.

The memory foam mattress is the most long-lasting kind of mattress if it has a high enough density and is famous for rendering excellent support and the best stress relaxation. Those sorts of mattresses normally have higher durability than Innerspring Mattresses.

Do Memory foam mattresses cause cancer?

Though some of the unauthorized substances that create mattress off-gassing odors are categorized as carcinogens or potential carcinogens, No studies have shown that the use of memory foam mattresses causes cancer.

Can I sleep on a memory foam mattress the first night?

Producers recommended waiting 24 to 48 hours before sleeping on a new memory foam mattress. Whether to wait for this period depends on the opinion of the consumer. It is better to maintain producers’ guidelines.

Final Verdict:

The final tip is that memory foam mattresses last longer than other mattresses; Only make sure that you buy the best quality mattress and you take little care of it. I think you find the answer How Long does A Memory Foam Mattress Last.

At last, don’t forget to comment on how you feel after reading the whole article. Your comments inspire us to write the next article.

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