7 Secret Tips Behind How do Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable [Disclosure the Secret 2021]

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If you have ever spent the night in a hotel then you are wondering how do hotels make their beds so comfortable, Isn’t that so? Yes! All of you are enthusiastic to know the secret, how do hotels make their beds so comfortable.

The Interesting thing is, You would have been experiencing such a pleasant feeling when you slept in the hotel bed, but after coming to your own bed you certainly feel your own bed stiff. This is a common experience for all who regularly stay/ visit any hotel.

So we are going to reveal all the secrets of how do hotels make their beds so comfortable in this article so that you can make such a comfortable bed in your own home by knowing all the secrets behind it.

We hope that if you read the whole article carefully and apply it in your own home, you will feel the same label of comfort on your own bed same as a hotel bed.

By reading this article you will learn the hidden tips and tricks about How do Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable, What type of mattresses do hotels use,  How to choose a good mattress, What type of arrangement will make your bed so comfortable, and more.

How do Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable:

We hope that as a traveler or businessman, you stayed in a hotel apartment and frequently dived into bed with pleasure. All of these plumy pillows of the hotel bed, the perfectly tucked duvet, as well as very-soft sheets. Staying in a deluxe hotel bed can be such a great treat.

Amazingly– it looks like every luxurious hotel authority has its own brand of bedtime heaven these days. If you got confused about why hotel beds are so cozy as well as what type of mattress do these hotels use, read our secret tips and apply them to your bedroom.

The secret behind How do hotels make their beds so comfortable:

How do Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable

They Use White Linens:

Believe it or not white color is one of the best of all colors for the bedroom. This color discloses a cool feeling, refreshing in the morning and, quiet and relaxing.

If you give full attention then you will notice that all high-class hotels dress their beds in white linens. Actually, the white color represents whiteness and helps mental peace. There are many hotels that have also experienced that the all-white color design discloses freshness. Whiteness makes a calming central point for your bedroom that’s almost spa-like and meditative.

They Use Luxurious Sheets:

If you are interested to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bed, then white sheets will be perfect. Most of the luxurious hotels normally use 3 sheets – a flat sheet, a middle sheet, and lastly a fitted sheet.

At this stage you have already selected the color, now, of course, a question might come to your mind, what types of bed sheets do hotels use? No worry!

After researching luxurious hotels, our sleeping advisor team disclosure that top-most hotels usually use 300- thread Egyptian percale sheets. Actually, Egyptian cotton, as well as percale weaves, make a sheet softer, more durable
and unrivaled comfort.

Do you very much enthusiastic about crispy breathable sheets? well, undoubtedly, you require this one, Egyptian cotton especially. Contrariwise, if you are interested in a silky smooth sheet then we suggest you purchase sateen sheets rather than Egyptian cotton sheets or percale sheets.

N.B: As Egyptian cotton sheets are used by top-most hotels,

so you can assume, cost of such a sheet is more than a typical bed sheet. Actually, hotels use some special type of sheet so that their bedding looks very nice and feel comfortable. Possibly you think that why we dont tell about the fitted sheet. Good, they use two flat sheets rather. How?

Prefer Good Quality Mattress:

Actually, comfortable sleeping depends on the quality of the mattress that you buy. Luxurious hotels spend more on high-quality mattresses as they know this is the principal factor of bedroom comfort. Almost all hotel mattresses are innerspring and deeper for a traditionally luxurious as well as satisfactory feel.

Our team always recommends you choose a mattress considering your health condition and other matter, for instance, breathability and firmness level, etc. It is not important, You should not buy a mattress 100% similar to a hotel that you’ve visited recently.

They Use Comfortable Pillows:

Almost all luxurious hotels use three types of pillows: for instance,
1)Goose down pillows
2)Down alternative
3)And Down blend pillows

Think once, It looks very much pleasant while fluffy pillows surrounding you. Got a different kind of beautiful feeling, right? Yes! Assiduously, hotels do experimental research for creating a comfortable environment.

In the case of a queen-sized or king-sized bed, we recommend using 4 pillows. Therefore, you can keep 2 of the pillows for standing up from the bed structure.

You got confused, you have seen a bunch of attractive pillows on the hotel bed, and still thinking about how many you should buy?

Good, honestly speaking, you do not require too many pillows, rather focus on searching for the best type of pillow that adjusts you well regarding different perspectives.

They use Comforter:

Possibly, by hearing anywhere, you have already tried the sheet that hotels use, in their method. But, still now confusing, how to make your bed feel cloudy like dream?

Have you heard about comforters, have you? This is a hidden element that makes hotel beds more fluffy and cozy.
Happy to say, a comforter at an affordable price should supply you with a truly heavenly hotel bed experience.

In order to attach the cherry on top, you can go for a mattress pad. A mattress pad will provide you more cushioning as well as many other privileges.

Tips: In order to get an ultra-sumptuous hotel bed experience in your home, regard to buying a comforter longer and wider than your mattress.

Feather-bed adds:

Feather-beds adds a luxurious, comfortable, cloud-like factor to the bed. This is usually the factor that makes a hotel bed feel very tacit, influencing your mind to sleep all time and create dreamy feelings.

There is no require to pay lots of money on a fancy featherbed; discount shop versions usually do the trick while coupled with quality pillows and sheets.

Regular Cleaning:

Suppose you have made your bed like hotels, but if you do not clean regularly it will be got dirty. So, you have to clean it regularly. Undoubtedly, cleaning is an unavoidable part when you want fresh and spirited sheets on your bed. Consider cleaning your sheets regular basis.

Some common Question:

How Hotel Choose a Mattress?

How do Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable


It is very common that there are a lot of visitors/guests who stay /take rest in the hotel, so selecting a long-lasting mattress is very much important.

Most hotels are always using such types of mattresses that are most durable as well as made well so that it will lasting more years and perfect for lots of guests of all sizes and shapes.


Different hotels purchase different quality luxury mattresses that imply they buy these mattresses slightly higher price for long-term services.

No worry, you can see some of these mattresses at an affordable price. At the time of going to replicate your desired hotel, though, try to spend at least $1000 for buying a dreamy mattress.

Mattress Quality:

Hotels always choose Comfortable, durable, lightweight, slightly more expensive, and user-friendly mattresses, because these are the characteristics of a good mattress.

Always try to purchase good quality and expensive mattresses. As you are going to invest a large amount of money in the mattress, therefore, there is no alternative to a good quality mattress to get better services from this mattress.
So, you have to invest slightly more money in mattress purchasing to replicate hotel bedding.


Firmness is not the only important factor for comfortable sleeping. The top-most hotel always uses a medium firmness mattress as it is the most likely to proper for the maximum people. If you are full attention, You will notice that most of our choices are in the same way.

The more firm your mattress does not mean that the more comfortable it. Comfort is not only firmness, firmness is just a factor of comfort. A soft form mattress is best for the side sleeper, and a firmer mattress is wonderful for those who sleep on their backs and stomachs.

Side Support:

Undoubtedly, side support is very significant for a mattress, if you want to get more comfort from any mattress. Actually, side support means how firm the side of the mattress is, moreover it is important for those people who share their bed and notice themselves off to the side while sleeping.

Motion Isolation:

Truly, motion isolation is the big fact which comes up when dividing a bed with your companion because it is how much the mattress will isolate your wag_ment. While sleeping with a companion who moves frequently, in this case, you require a mattress that is excellent for frequent movement.

Particularly, memory foam mattresses perform to isolate movement more because it takes the pressure. Therefore, most of the hotels often use hybrid types of mattresses, because those mattresses have more high-grade motion isolation rather than standard innerspring mattresses.

How often do hotels change mattresses?

Generally, Hotels replace their mattresses every 3 to 5 years unless there is notable harm to the mattress. They don’t regularly clean the mattresses. They just change the bedsheets and sometimes flip the mattress over.

Why are hotel pillows so comfortable?

Luxurious hotel pillows usually feel more comfortable and softer than home pillows. The cause behind it is because of their fill material. There are some most well-known fill elements for these pillows include down, down alternative, feathers, and memory foam.

How do you know if your mattress is causing your back pain?

While you go to bed feeling pain and wake up miserably, it is a sign your mattress is causing back pain. The mattress which is very soft will cause your spine to fall out of adjustment all night, moreover, a mattress that is extra firm will cause joint pressure in your hips and can lead to pain in your lower back.

Is it better to buy a mattress online or in a store?

Online mattress brands sell out their mattress mostly often have slightly better specifications, materials, warranty, return policies, durability, and long-term comfort.

Actually, the most convenient point is that online retailers provide front door delivery moreover in some cases full-service delivery. Store retailers typically render full delivery service. All we know that Amazon is one of the best-trusted marketplaces from where you can undoubtedly find the best product.

How do 5-star Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable?

If you follow our full guidelines then you will be capable of replicate a 5-star hotel bed.

How do Luxurious Hotels Make their Beds so Comfortable?

Actually, we already disclosure this secret above. They use sumptuous bedsheets especially white color, they use comfortable pillows as well as use more pillows, use the good quality mattress, comforter, white lines, etc.


We hope you understand that it’s not that hard to make your room like a hotel bedroom, is it? Then, why would you reserve your fancy feeling for a future trip? Why are you waiting for, want to modify your bedroom into like a comfortable hotel bedroom, will yes?
So, follow these hidden tips and techniques, you may make your bedding so comfortable look like a hotel.

Now if you understand how do hotels make their beds so comfortable, please, leave a comment below and share this post on your social media for helping others. We would happy if you comment here and express your feeling about this article, the article is beneficial or not.

Thank you for staying with us.

Enjoy happy sleeping.

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